Waze Rates Best & Worst Cities To Drive      


Waze is a popular navigation app for drivers everywhere, including yours truly. Not only does it direct you to your destination, but you can get there listening to celebrity voices, and it operates by utilizing user input to let you know about delays, hazards, speed traps, and more.

Best & Worst Cities To Drive

The navigation app has compiled all of its user input and released lists for the best and worst cities to drive in throughout the United States using its Driver Satisfaction Index.

The Driver Satisfaction Index takes six different categories into account: density of traffic, road and infrastructure quality, accident ratings, access to driver services like parking and gas stations, access to vehicles, and the satisfaction with Waze in the area.

10 Best U.S. Cities for Driving:

  1. Greensboro, North Carolina
  2. Lexington, Kentucky
  3. Dayton, Ohio
  4. Macon, Georgia
  5. Albany, New York
  6. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  7. Portland, Maine
  8. Kansas City, Missouri
  9. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  10. Hartford, Connecticut

10 Worst U.S. Cities for Driving:

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Jacksonville, Florida
  3. San Diego, California
  4. Los Angeles, California
  5. Portland, Oregon
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. Miami, Florida
  10. Savannah, Georgia

Photo Credit:  Waze

  1. Trey 6 months ago

    Greensboro has an area called “Death Valley” because of all the accidents. Not sure I agree it’s the best.

  2. Curmudgeon Jones 6 months ago

    Those 6 criteria are interesting, however I believe another parameter that should be considered is Driver Competency. How well other drivers operate their vehicles, their adherence to the vehicle code, the courtesy they extend to other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclist, and pedestrians, and their ability to actively think, plan, and respond to situations affects your driving experience.

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