Well, That Was Fast. Audi Axes R8 E-Tron, Again

audi r8 e-tron

A strange bird has come and died within the year. Audi introduced its R8 e-Tron concept last year. Now the model falls into extinction without even 100 built.

The all-electric model has faced a number of setbacks from the start. It originally was set for release in 2012. The model was based on the first-generation R8. Audi canceled it going to dealerships and instead kept them in house.

Then last year a new e-Tron arrived. It used the second generation of the R8. Audi guaranteed to sell it to customers who made a dealership request. It didn’t stick around long. Sadly, no orders successfully went through in the United States. Less than 100 European customers managed to order one. Now Audi officially has removed it from sales.

We’re wondering how those few customers even managed to get their hands on one. Audi released no sales details on their online configurator. Those Europeans who did pull the houdini had to go straight to Audi headquarters.

The failure doesn’t seem connected to a lack of demand. After all check out the success of all-electric cars like Tesla’s. But there are some contributing factors dooming the e-Tron from the start.

Namely, the model cost a full suitcase of Benjamins. It would set you back about $1.1 million. The top of the line Tesla S with the P90D performance cost a fraction of that at $127,600. The model also fell into class with the expensive Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé. Even Mercedes notes the model failed due to it being too ahead of its time. The price of $350k couldn’t be helpful either.

So what made the Audi so pricey? Well it carried 456-horsepower with 679 lb-ft of torque. It got a 0-62 mph time of 3.9 seconds. Range wise, it cruised for 280 miles per charge. Also, unlike the Tesla, it has the sporty coupe style of the R8 that screams for the track. (By the way: Audi proudly shows off the R8 as the 2016 World Car Awards Winner of the Performance Car segment. Not too shabby if we say so ourselves).

If you, like everyone else in America, missed out on buying one of the rare Audi e-Trons no worries. Check out other fully electric vehicles including those at Tesla, Nissan’s Leaf, and Chevy’s Volt.  

Photo Credit: Audi
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