What’s in a Letter? Just Ask Fiat and Audi

After centuries withering on the alphanumeric vine, the letter Q is suddenly a hot commodity. Fiat and Audi are butting heads over the usage of the names Q2 and Q4.

Audi, hell-bent on expanding its lineup to include ever more SUVs, wants the rights to every increment between Q1 and Q7. Fiat, on the other hand, lays claim to the names Q2 and Q4, used on the 2005-11 Alfa Romeo 159 sedan. In that lineup, Q2 was used on models that included an electronic limited-slip differential, while Q4 models came equipped with all-wheel-drive.

Audi is in the midst of a $26 billion expansion with plenty of new models that could use the names. If it was up to them, Audi would prefer to call its upcoming Q1 crossover a Q2, while the Q1 name is set aside for an even smaller cute-ute based on the A1, according to a source quoted by the UK’s Car magazine.

However, Alfa Romeo is holding tightly onto their badges even though it no longer uses them. The same report implies that Fiat-Chrysler head honcho Sergio Marchionne is holding onto them in order to spite “arch-enemy” Ferdinand Piech of the VW group.

Add Infiniti’s across-the-board adoption of a Q-based naming convention, not since John DeLancie’s last appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation has the seventeenth letter of the alphabet been bestowed with such importance.

Photo Credit: Audi
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