White Tops Car Colors…Again

white-dominates-e1418157069986Until 2011, silver reigned for ten years as car buyers’ favorite exterior car color according to the annual survey conducted by PPG. White took over in 2011, and it hasn’t let up since. White extended its lead over other colors in 2014. Globally, 28 percent of car builds were white, leading every market, with black in second in every market. Silver held third but is still in decline after its lengthy run, dropping again globally and being overtaken by red, blue and green as the favorite hues for sports cars; it did tie for first place with white in South America, though.

Here in North America, after white and black comes gray, then silver. So-called “natural hues” like gold, beige and yellow – the latter said to be best for resale value, along with orange – claimed ten percent of share, making gains especially in the SUV segment. PPG believes their popularity will grow in 2015, with mineral tones and “high-depth color” providing additional flavor to the spectrum.

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