Who Knew? VW Sells More Sausage Than It Does Cars

Volkswagen may have had a tough 2015, but at least sales are still strong in the processed meat department. Currywurst, a spiced sausage produced by VW actually beat cars sales this year by a million units.

Not many Americans know that since 1973, Volkswagen has produced an award-winning version of this German street meat at the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. The plant is one of the largest car manufacturing facilities in the world, and it also runs its own butcher shop where millions of pounds of sausage are produced every year.

Sure the 6.12 million cars sold by the Volkswagen in 2015 may have brought in more profit, but car sales are slowing. The slowdown can be blamed on the ongoing diesel scandal, in which the company was caught using emissions control defeat devices. Now the company faces lengthy lawsuits and potentially billions in fines.

There’s no slowing down sausage sales however. Sales of currywurst were up by nearly one million over last year. If you’re wondering what to pair your currywurst with, Volkswagen also sells special ketchup tailored to the currywurst. The company sold 167,608 gallons worth of the spicy ketchup.

You can find the special currywurst on the menu at the company’s lunchrooms inside VW offices and factories, as well as in supermarkets and the stadium of the Wolfsburg soccer team. You can also grab a package at Volkswagen dealerships in Germany, where salespeople give sausages to buyers before they drive their new VW off the lot.

photo credit: fortune.com
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