Woo Your Valentine With These Car Features

mercedes s class valentine

Cars can be notoriously romantic, To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly anyone? But aside from the obvious romance of a convertible vintage car, here are some features to check into to make sure you’re ready for the ultimate romantic drive this Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a honey, don’t worry there is still time. We’ll even help with our handy guide to features guaranteed to set the mood.


First things first. If you’re looking for a new car, don’t leave out those extra romantic features that you can enjoy even as a single. The prime example is a moonroof. On a date make sure you have the shade open so the car is flooded with natural sun or moon light. Both are flattering on all skin tones. Plus, weather permitting, you can park at a local overlook and enjoy some romantic kisses under the stars.

To really go all out, go panoramic. This popular feature is sweeping the industry right now. Girls love ’em, too. Case in point, my sister drives the VW Sportswagen with its huge view from the top. It was a huge selling point for her. Check it out the huge sunroofs on the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2018 Ford Expedition, and 2017 Lincoln MKZ.


This one might be obvious, but it’s crucial. Splurge for the spoiler. If you’re debating it, debate no longer.  You know you want it for that extra sports cred. And they really do help you get more dates. Because a spoiler says that you took the time and thought to accessorize your car in a cool in a practical way. Two crucial things people look for in a mate. Cool and practicalIf you’re still not convinced, as in you don’t see the natural aesthetic appeal of one, remember, spoilers are also useful. They improve handling by reducing the air drag.

Ambient Lighting

Just saying it sounds romantic. “Hey baby, check out my ambient lighting.” Okay so it may not work as a pickup line, but it does work for setting the mood. Ambient lighting also shows a sense of class considering that the feature is generally offered on luxe models. Some options include the new 7th generation BMW 5 Series and the Lincoln MKZ (check out our test drive). Set it to a deep red to create a sexy feel. Then cap off the sexy lighted evening with a candlelit dinner.

If those are a little outside of your budget, no worries. The more entry level models including the Mazda 3 offer interior lighting kits. Though, as in the case with the Mazda, they don’t always offer light color varieties. The 3 only comes with blue.

Mood Music

Looks aren’t everything. Another key to a romantic ride is music. This is both easier and more complicated than ever with a wide variety of options. The old mix tape routine just doesn’t work anymore (because if you haven’t noticed most cars don’t have cassette players anymore.)

Thankfully most newer cars now offer Android Auto and CarPlay, all you have to do is pull up your Spotify app, choose one of their romantic playlists, and voila. We recommend Acoustic Love and Jazzy Romance

Don’t skimp and let the love music eep out on a wimpy sound system. Some of our favorite premium sounds systems are Volvo’s and BMW’s Bowers & Wilkins systems and the Bose systems in Mazda and Chevrolet models. The Lincoln Revel system gets our thumbs up, too. Take things a step further with the Honda Ridgeline’s one-of-its-kind truck bed audio system.

Truck Bed

Speaking of the Ridgeline. Convertibles and moon roofs are all fine and dandy. But who needs that when you can enjoy the sky snuggling in a truck bed. (Okay so it might be just us, but the idea of a romantic night in the bed of a truck watching stars and making out sounds divine.) To make this work all you need, you guessed it, a truck. Throw in a  Pendleton blanket and some pillows and you’re all set. Bonus points for a romantic marshmallow roasting.

The Ridgeline combines a bunch of the above recommendations. Stars and mood music. The bed of the truck uses a 540-watt audio system. Check out the above music recommendations and get jamming. The acoustic playlist works especially well with marshmallows. And for extra romance points learn to play the acoustic guitar and make some cute valentine day inspired snacks.

Massage Seats

Like the idea of getting a couples massage, but not sure you’re to that stage yet? Go for an in-car massage. You can’t go wrong. Massage seats just take things up to a whole other level. The list of vehicles offering this feature is long. You can find them in the 2017 Lincoln MKZ as well as our recently reviewed 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS550. You can also find them as options in the Audi A8, BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Ford Explorer, Cadillac XTS, Ford F-150 and of course just about any Rolls-Royce. Just to name a few.

Back to Black

Finally, you can never go wrong with black. Like the classic and timeless little red dress, black can also be romantic and super sexy. Just check out all the blacked-out models making their way through lineups.  Most recently Nissan expanded its Midnight Edition family. There is also the limited edition Hyundai Tucson Night Edition and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Night Edition. There’s also a special edition Ram Rebel if trucks appeal to you.

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz


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