World’s Fastest Hot Tub

car hot tubDuncan Forster and Phil Weicker have known since college that there is nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing soak while driving.

As undergraduate engineering students at McMaster University the pair designed and built their first ‘Carpool’, a 1982 Chevy Malibu with a working hot tub instead of seats or floor mats. The car became a local celebrity and was featured at the 2001 Canadian International Car Show.

It was at the car show that the Southern California Timing Association said they would support a planned attempt for the hot tub land speed record. Unfortunately, the Malibu rusted apart before it could make it to the test track. A second Carpool was subsequently stolen. Enter the ‘Carpool DeVille,’ a 1969 Cadillac DeVille acquired by Forster and Weicker along with Alex Saegert, a fellow McMaster’s alum and founding member of All Things Carpool.

They spent six years tearing apart the old car. The frame had to be reinforced to handle 5,000-pounds of water. The trunk area now houses all of the guts needed to heat the water to 102 degrees. They left the original V8 engine, which will now provide power both to the hot tub and the car. To make it to the SCTA’s test track in Utah they had to meet strict safety requirements, as well, such as adding a roll cage. The pair completed all of the modifications in-house.

To modify the car and transport both the Carpool DeVille and the team out to Utah, the team used the website Kickstarter to make their dream a reality. They surpassed their $10,000 goal four days ago.


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