World’s Largest Billboard Is Covered With A Ford EcoSport

Ford Billboard Guinness World Record

Ford is officially in the Guinness World Records. The brand’s claim to Guinness fame? The largest billboard in the world.  Large as in the size of 20 tennis courts. And on it, Ford’s tiniest SUV, the EcoSport.

“Our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest billboard demonstrates the creativity that drives our company,” said Elena Burguete, director of Marketing, Ford Spain. “Ford’s message is ‘Go Further’, and that’s what we aimed to do with our campaign for the launch of the new EcoSport. It’s a great way to deliver the message ‘Life is out there, are you?’ to as many people as possible, right in the heart of Madrid.”

The billboard will stay up until February, then be donated to the Apascovi Foundation employment center for people with disabilities, where the materials will be recycled.

Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport is the brand’s smallest SUV and slots behind the Escape.  The EcoSport was only recently introduced in the U.S. and went on sale here in January.

It’s been a hit in Europe. Ford says it’s sold 150,000 EcoSport’s since introducing the model to that region in 2014. It’s been sold in other global markets for years.

Photo Credit:  Ford Motor Company


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