Wow! This Is One Ugly Car! Car Pro News

ugly carFor $18,000 this car owner created a monster, but it can be yours for the low, low price of $6,500.

This unholy union of a 1999 Ford Expedition and a Mercedes Benz E-class front end has dragged itself through 112,850 miles, all while looking like a it was mashed together by the teleportation machines in The Fly.

It comes fully loaded with flame style decals, a thumping sound system featuring 3 12-inch speakers and 2 amplifiers and, of course, oversized 24 inch rims.

It’s not just stylish, but it’s also safe. The thing comes fully equipped with airbags- passengers will be grateful for this safety feature when the driver crashes, which will no doubt happen while the driver watches a DVD from the screen on his steering wheel.

The seller also mentions that he’s open to a trade, but who knows what carnival of horrors your poor used car would go through.


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