YAHOO! Subaru Resumes Dog Commercials!

Subaru has revived its ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved’ advertising campaign. Unless you are new to the newsletter, you know I love dogs and I love the Subaru dog commercial series!

The family of Golden Labs last appeared in the 2013 ‘Meet the Barkleys’ television and YouTube segments. The campaigns are humor driven, showing canine drivers and passengers taking the roles of human Subaru owners as they deal with life’s challenges.

In the latest series of five YouTube videos, the family uses a Subaru to lull a puppy to sleep, go to the hair salon, and deal with navigation problems.

“Eight out of 10 Subaru owners are pet owners, and our brand continues to support the causes and initiatives that our customers care about,” said Subaru of America marketing president Alan Bethke.

The commercials will not be aired for the NFL’s Super Bowl 50, though they will be shown on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII.

You can watch them here:

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