Year-To-Date Best-Selling Mid-Sized SUVs Through November

Mid-sized SUVs

To say the mid-sized SUVs segment is a hot segment is an understatement.  2016 sales were terrific, but so far in 2017, mid-sized SUV sales are up just short of 15% which is almost 60,000 sales ahead of the year-to-date 2016 sales in the first eleven months.

Here is where sales in this segment stand with just a month to go in 2017:

Best-Selling Mid-Sized SUVs Through November 2017

  1. Ford Explorer-242,565
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee-217,074
  3. Toyota Highlander-194,734
  4. Jeep Wrangler-176,822
  5. Subaru Outback-170,638
  6. Ford Edge-128,943
  7. Hyundai Santa Fe-120,025
  8. Toyota 4Runner-116,342
  9. Chevy Traverse-111,193
  10. Honda Pilot-108.677
  11. GMC Acadia-100,439
  12. Kia Sorento-91,944
  13. Nissan Pathfinder-75,012
  14. Nissan Murano-67.014
  15. Dodge Durango-63,214
  16. Buick Enclave-43,238
  17. Mazda CX9-22,522
  18. VW Atlas-21,049
  19. Ford Flex-20,055

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Photo Credit: Ford

  1. Steve Michael 10 months ago

    Does the Explorer number include all the police vehicles? The Explorer seems to be the car of choice this year for local police department, the Sheriff’s department and state (CHP).

    • Amy Plemons 10 months ago

      Yes, the numbers are all-inclusive. But that’s true too of Tahoe and the other Police vehicles. Great to hear from you!
      – Jerry

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