These Are The Top-Selling 20 Models Year-to-Date

dallas cowboys edition ford f-150 models

By the time five months have passed, you can start to get a fairly clear picture of which models will end the year in which order.  Several races, however, are too early to call.  As I point out in my newspaper column, the #2 selling pickup race is up in the air.  The same is true of compact SUVs, with Nissan Rogue holding a slim lead over the Honda CR-V.

Here are your top 20 overall sellers year-to-date through the sales close in May:

  1. Ford F-Series:  351,965
  2. Chevy Silverado:  212,425
  3. Ram Trucks:  207,370
  4. Nissan Rogue:  161,340
  5. Honda CR-V:  158,914
  6. Toyota RAV4:  150,646
  7. Toyota Camry:  147,434
  8. Toyota Corolla:  145,476
  9. Honda Civic:  144,854
  10. Honda Accord:  130,300
  11. Ford Escape:  129,805
  12. Nissan Altima:  118,242
  13. Ford Explorer:  111,266
  14. Chevy Equinox:  104,272
  15. Jeep Grand Cherokee:  96,203
  16. Chevy Cruze:  92,360
  17. Nissan Sentra:  90,040
  18. Ford Fusion:  89,086
  19. Hyundai Elantra:  86,955
  20. GMC Sierra:  83,410

Of those vehicles, Nissan Rogue was up the most, 34.9% from the same time a year ago, Ford Fusion was down the most at 26%.

Photo Credit: Ford
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